Semperdata™ Dynamic Archive

In addition to the DICOM storage, query and retrieval of conventional archives, Semperdata® has the following distinguishing features:


Migration capability– Whether you use Semperdata® as transitional storage or for long term archiving, the ultimate measure of data permanence is the ability to migrate to a successor system. The Semperdata® archive includes the Migratek® Migration Controller, which features

  • Flexible user interface that allows you to define multiple migration streams, conditioned on modality, date range, source, RIS-PACS matching rule number & status, and other study status attributes.
  • Validation. Compare source and destination image counts for migrated studies.
  • Verification. Compare source and destination metadata and pixels for migrated studies.
  • Speed. Multiple streams and time of day / day of week bandwidth shaping for highest sustained transfer rates.

Remapping & Transformation– Reversible and auditable changes can be applied to archived data by Operator editing tools, and Rule-based RIS-PACS matching (in conjunction with data migration services).


Media-standard Storage– The complete content of a Semperdata® archive can be recovered from the archive media alone, even in the absence of the Semperdata® archive server that wrote the media. Storage in DICOM Part 10 files is not enough to allow full recovery, because archives record changes to patient demographics and other metadata in their databases.

  • The Semperdata® system writes all updates into “Change Objects” stored with the image data. Semperdata® software can completely rebuild an archive from the stored objects.
  • The DICOM Standard does not presently include such Change Objects, and thus Semperdata® implements them as DICOM private objects documented in the Semperdata® DICOM conformance statement.

Legacy Storage Connectors– Semperdata® can seamlessly integrate with many legacy archives, providing direct DICOM access to legacy data still in its original file storage systems.

  • Available for most legacy archives — see our complete list of legacy storage connectors.
  • Access proprietary annotation as DICOM Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State objects.
  • Embed annotation in image objects for DICOM clients that do not support GSPS.

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