Semperdata™ Dynamic Archive

Semperdata® Storage Solutions deliver secure, PACS neutral data for all your archiving and migration needs – now and long into the future. Embodying next-generation thinking informed by real-world data migration experience, the Semperdata® Archive stores medical image data in standard formats and storage systems for long-term access that protects you from dependence on application vendors and proprietary software.


This powerful software package ensures long term data compatibility with both PACS and enterprise environments and delivers the flexibility and security you need for ongoing access to archival DICOM data from radiology, cardiology and photographic imaging.


Our Semperdata® storage solutions provide robust and cost-effective archiving of migrated data for facilities that prefer to archive image data independently of the PACS vendor. Data migration with Semperdata® leverages Semperdata®’s unique support of legacy file storage, which provides on-demand access to legacy data for ad hoc query, daily prefetch operations, and data migration. Once the installation and matching/mapping exercises are performed, the entire content of the legacy archive is visible through DICOM Query/Retrieve services.


The Semperdata® Archive allows you to maintain an offline archive of your stored data for an additional level of security and integrity. Unlike conventional archives that store data in proprietary formats, Semperdata® storage is in DICOM Media File-sets on industry standard file storage systems, with all changes and updates journaled out onto media for robust long-term storage.


Preserve your healthcare records in way that secures your data for life – contact Laitek today to discuss our custom approach.


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