Solutions Overview

Our Migratek® Advanced Data Migration solutions work seamlessly with your system, supported by our Semperdata® DICOM Archive to deliver the data performance and permanence your facility needs. The result is a faster, more accurate and complete migration experience for you now, and flexible, PACS-neutral data independence long into the future.

Migratek Data Migration

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We offer:

  • Migratek® Advanced Data Migration Services – The most powerful and comprehensive migration services available today. Complete solutions for large or demanding migration needs.
  • Migratek Direct™ Migration Services – Skilled and efficient data migration for smaller projects.
  • Semperdata® DICOM Archive – Laitek’s comprehensive migration archive server. Provides permanent archival storage with defined standard media formats, on-demand migration from legacy file storage systems, user-controllable multi-stream outbound migration, plus reversible and auditable data transformation for RIS/PACS reconciliation and patient/exam updates.
  • MigrateNow! Free Migration Tool – If you just need a tool to inventory a small source system and direct it to send its data to a new system, this free tool is for you.

Nothing lasts forever, and the only way to ensure the permanence of information is to provide for its future migration as well as its present storage. Done right, the migration effort can be an opportunity instead of a burden, bringing your data into standard form that works for your organization now and in the future. Laitek does it right.

Learn more about the Ten Things You Should Know When Embarking On Data Migration by Fred M. Behlen. Ph.D. Chairman, CEO and Founder of Laitek Inc.


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