Constructed to give you a sample of Laitek’s migration power, MigrateNOW!™ Is a free utility for taking inventories and performing simple third-party C-MOVE migrations.


With MigrateNOW!™ you can inventory a source archive and then direct the source to transfer studies to a destination system, all using DICOM standard query/retrieve functionality. Here’s how it works:MigrateNow!

 (Click image to enlarge for detail.)


  1. The MigrateNOW!™ tool queries the Source PACS for studies using a C-Find request. Studies matching the search criteria established in the MigrateNOW!™ tool are returned and displayed in the User Interface (UI).
  2. To transfer the selected studies from the Source PACS to the Destination PACS the MigrateNOW!™ tool triggers a C-Move request.
  3. To send selected studies to the Destination PACS the MigrateNOW!™ tool triggers a C-Store request.
  4. Using the MigrateNOW!™ tool, you can query the Destination PACS with C-Find requests to verify that the studies were fully transferred to the Destination PACS.


For more complex migrations use our licensed tool MigrateNow Pro with expanded capabilities to perform inventories, large batch transfer, multiple threads and destination image count validation.


Download MigrateNow! and MigrateNow! Pro data sheet