Migratek® Advanced Data Migration

Migratek is Laitek’s signature approach to data migration that bypasses application level communication to access legacy data at the storage level. By working with your data directly, Laitek is able to achieve a level of speed, efficiency and completeness that only our focused approach can deliver.


Migratek® Advanced Data Migration delivers:

  • Transfer rates in excess of one terabyte per day
  • Minimal performance impact on the legacy PACS
  • Identification and cleansing of errors, including misidentified and bad data
  • Comprehensive transfer that includes information not available through the DICOM interface
  • Uninterrupted access to existing and new data
  • Verified accuracy down to the pixel

Here’s how it works:
Unlike conventional migration methods that extract data from the DICOM interface of the legacy system, Migratek® Advanced Data Migration methodology reaches inside the legacy PACS, extracting image files and database data directly from the storage media.

Migratek Advanced Data Migration

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Because each PACS stores internal data differently, Migratek® migration server software must be customized for each type of legacy PACS and for the type of storage system the legacy PACS uses for its image files. Laitek accomplishes this customization with a modular design using “connectors” for each type of legacy PACS and storage system.


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