Laitek Project Profile #27: Banfield, The Pet Hospital

INSTITUTION TYPE:   General Veterinary Hospital system (760 hospitals)
LOCATION:   U. S. West  (Facilities nationwide)
Legacy PACS:   Merlin / Remote Vet
Target PACS:   Clear Canvas
VOLUME:   175,000 studies



  • A significant part of this process included moving diagnostic images for 352 primary care veterinary hospitals from an external vendor PACS to Banfield’s internal data center within a short timeframe. Source systems included both DICOM and non-DICOM image formats.


  • Migrated 175,000 studies from Merlin/Remote Vet system to Clear Canvas PACS

Customer Comment:
“Our veterinary practice chose to partner with Laitek because of their experience, expertise and willingness to share the workload with our practice in data migration. Since we built our new Banfield PACS system and finished the data migration, our speed of service in teleradiology, including doctor and client consultations, have significantly improved. This transition has allowed for greater efficiency and quality of medicine within our hospitals. Moving forward, we need a quality, scalable solution as our practice plans to convert all 760 hospitals from analog to digital over the next three to five years – Laitek offers this solution.”

-Kerry Marshall, DVM, MBA, Senior Director of Medical Informatics for Banfield



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