Laitek Project Profile #18: Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare

INSTITUTION TYPE:   General Surgical Hospital (524 beds)
LOCATION:   U. S. Southeast
Legacy PACS:   Merge Fusion
Target PACS:   McKesson HMI PACS
VOLUME:   642,000 Studies



  • Legacy system unstable when conventional DICOM extraction was used.
  • Merge’s use of proprietary lossy compression for a number of DICOM modalities resulted in a need for additional archive storage due to limitations of data decompression that could only be stored as lossless 2.3:1 compression.


  • Migrated 700,000 studies from Merge Fusion system to McKesson HMI
  • “Cleaned” large amount of “dirty” data byt RIS-PACS reconciliation and crosswalks
  • No images were lost in migration
  • Completed ahead of schedule
  • Developed Merge eMed connector in response to customer need

Customer Comment:
“In the Fall of 2008, in preparation for an October 2009 McKesson PACS go-live, Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare began migrating data from our existing PACS to McKesson using a 3rd party migration vendor — not Laitek. The migration process very quickly came to a halt, because even testing the process was taxing our network past our comfort level. McKesson then started looking at other vendors and put TMH and Laitek together. Laitek walked in the door knowing exactly what needed to be done and very confident migration was going to work as planned. We migrated 700,000 studies from an old system that contained a lot of “dirty” data to McKesson ahead of schedule and with NO lost images. It has always been my belief when something sounds too good to be true it is, working with Laitek was an exception.”

-Kiff Mendoza, Systems Administrator



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