Go-Live Schedules

The planning of your migration and go-live schedules can have a major impact on the smoothness of your implementation and user satisfaction with the process. Laitek migration servers support this requirement with:


  • DICOM Query/Retrieve access to Legacy data Once installed and configured by Laitek engineers, the Laitek migration server provides DICOM Query/Retrieve services enabling the new PACS or other DICOM devices to find and retrieve studies from online and nearline media in the legacy PACS.
  • User interfaces for manual migration The Laitek migration server also provides Web-based user interfaces allowing clinical personnel to manually find and retrieve not-yet-migrated studies when needed.
  • Automated prefetch driven by Modality Worklist The Laitek migration server can be connected to monitor the Modality Worklist of the new PACS, and migrate needed priors as soon as an exam appears on the Modality Worklist. If the legacy PACS storage is fast, as on RAID media, full patient folders can generally be migrated before the patient’s current exam data is ready for interpretation. If the legacy data is on nearline media, such as a robotic tape library, the prefetcher can be configured to select relevant priors for migration.
  • Flexible migration control enabling migration priorities If, for example, you go live with six months’ data migrated and your mammography operations are most sensitive to the immediate availability of priors, you may wish to assign highest priority to migration of the remaining mammography data. Laitek’s migration controller allows powerful and flexible multi-stream control of migration of the remaining data.
  • Secure intermediate storage of data staged from legacy storage media Laitek’s Semperdata® archive, inherent in every migration server, can securely store all or part of the legacy data, either while in transit or permanently. Thus, for example, Laitek migration solutions allow you to copy all data off of an aging legacy system even before the replacement PACS is available.

That’s Laitek’s take on migration planning. But any such plan must also take into account DICOM storage archives and their implications for PACS migration.