Semperdata™ Dynamic Archive

Key Differentiators


Media-defined Storage The complete content of a Semperdata™ archive can be recovered from the archive media alone, even in the absence of the Semperdata™ system that wrote the media
  • Practical and secure journaling storage, enables low cost disaster recovery readiness
  • All updates into “Change Objects” stored with the image data
  • Protection from loss of LAITEK as a support resource
  • Information consistency markers stored with the data; customer fully owns the data and does not depend on LAITEK database schemas
Legacy Storage Connectors Secure storage that still delivers accessibility is key.
  • Seamless integration with legacy archives, providing direct DICOM access to legacy data still in its original storage systems
  • Access proprietary annotations as DICOM Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State objects or Group 6000 as required
Migration Capability Whether you use Semperdata™ as transitional storage or for long term archiving, the ultimate measure of data permanence is the ability to migrate to a successor system.
  • Combination of migration with storage capabilities allows early retrieval from legacy archives, in advance of new PACS installation
  • Fastest retrieval of legacy data on the market
  • Outbound migration with the full power of Migratek® Advanced Data Migration
Remapping and Transformation Reversible and auditable changes can be applied to archived data.
  • Rules-based RIS-PACS reconciliation with data migration services
  • Manual editing with full reversibility