MigrateNow Pro™

For more complex migrations use our licensed tool MigrateNow Pro with expanded capabilities to perform inventories, large batch transfer, multiple migration threads and destination image count validation.


MigrateNow Pro Dataflow Process


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  1. The MigrateNOW Pro queries source PACS, returns studies matching the search criteria and displays them in the UI.
  2. MigrateNow Pro triggers a C-MOVE request to transfer the selected studies from the source PACS to the destination PACS.
  3. Using the MigrateNow Pro tool, selected studies are sent to the destination PACS in one or more parallel streams.
  4. MigrateNow Pro queries the destination PACS to verify studies were correctly transferred. Full reporting of migration status is supported.


Compare MigrateNow! and MigrateNow! Pro


Key Features


MigrateNow! Pro

Easy-to-use GUI

Query Source PACS by Data Range

Query Source PACS by Study Instance UID

Query Source PACS by import file of SUIDs

Query Source PACS by Patient Name, Patient ID, or Accession Number

Obtain accurate source PACS inventory assessment

Create batch of studies to transfer to a new system

Migrate image data to Destination PACS

Receive clear confirmation that data was successfully transferred

Manage migrations through sessions

Control number of concurrent sending streams

Obtain destination image count validation

Create custom reports


MigrateNow Pro Notes

  • This tool is intended for small-batch transfers between existing DICOM 3.0 archives (<100,000 studies)
  • This tool does not allow for changes to DICOM header data
  • This tool requires a minimum hardware spec of  w7 64bit, 8 cores and 16GB of RAM


Download MigrateNow! and MigrateNow! Pro data sheet